Timeless Reflection by Danyelle
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Thanks so much for visiting this page and coming to the website to check out my work.  My name is Danyelle, and this is the face behind the camera.  I've always had a love for photography, got it from my dad.  I started my photography business in 2013, and photographed everything from newborns, to weddings, even some houses for realtors.  But, I found that I truly love working with HS Seniors and teens.  So, in Nov 2016, I made the decision to specialize in HS Senior and teen portraits, and it's been the BEST decision!  I feel that this is such an important time of your life, and huge accomplishment, that it should be documented. 

Now, to the most important question...why pick Danyelle?

I work with all my clients to ensure that their sessions are customized to their vision.  I'll work with you to help you decide on your outfits, as well as the location for your session.  I want to make sure that I bring the vision for your session to fruition.  My main purpose and goal is that whether it be 20 or 40 years after you graduate, that you are able to locate your HS Senior portraits to show to your children.  And not just locate your portraits, but I want you to be able to go back to that moment and remember how you felt when I captured that moment for you.