Yaziel downtown Senior portrait session

I have had the pleasure of photographing Yaziel since she was a sophomore, you can see her on my website. She was a Senior at Samuel Clemens High School. Yaziel is a total natural in front of the camera. Plus, she is absolutely amazing to photograph. She is a joy to work with, as her sense of style is always perfect! And low key, I have some major hair envy with this girl. She can do a commercial with all that hair.

This was Yaziel’s second session with me. For her first session, we went to the Botanical Garden. But, for this session, she wanted to do something completely different from her first session.  She knew that she wanted to do a session downtown, and after seeing her outfits, I knew we had to head to one of my favorite locations.  We started out in Peacock Alley, which was the perfect spot with her outfits.  As we headed to another section of the alley, we passed by a little convenience store. I checked with the owner, and received his permission to photograph Yaziel in the store.

For the last part of her session, we decided to do cap and gown. We decided to use an area by the Riverwalk, as we wanted an area less busy and chaotic for this part of her session.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect session-from the outfits, to the locations, and the weather.

I wish Yaziel the best of luck as she has graduated and pursuing her education at the University of Houston.  

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