“On Pointe” Ballerina Session

For those of you who may not know, I’m currently in school full-time to pursue my BFA in Photography.  The one thing I love about going to school is that I am forced to be creative for my projects.  For one of my latest projects, I asked for the help of three of my Spokesmodels, who are ballerinas. Abigail, Julia, and Madeline are all high school Seniors that attend Samuel Clemens High School.  To state that these beautiful young ladies are talented is an understatement! 

The purpose of the project was to show dancers out of the typical studio and theater setting.  I was challenged by my classmates to do both indoor and outdoor locations.  We made this a two-day affair, with indoor locations on one day and outdoor locations on another day.  For the indoor locations, we photographed at a laundromat, Diversions Arcade, Hill Country Lane bowling alley, and Arlan’s grocery store.  A few days later, we photographed in a graffiti area off of San Pedro, and then visited my favorite place downtown, Peacock Alley.  We ended the session on top of the Houston St parking garage.

These young ladies were so excited for this session.  For the most part, they have been doing ballet for 10 years.  They have never done a ballet portrait session outside of their dance studio. So, for them, this was a true adventure and special experience. I can’t thank Abigail, Julia, and Madeline enough for helping me with this class assignment.

SeniorsDanyelle Johnson