Picking the perfect location for your session


Preparing for your portrait session can be an overwhelming process.  One of my main priorities as your photographer is to make this experience for you as seamless as possible.  You have enough going on trying to prepare for the session, from deciding on your outfits, picking the perfect accessories, to deciding on your hairstyle.  When it comes to selecting the location for your session, I can make it a little less overwhelming.  I want to make sure that your location not only fits your style, but that it helps to tell your story.  There are different locations to pick from, each offers different options and variety of backdrops.  But, there are some things that you need to consider:


1.  What will you be wearing to your session?

Some Seniors already know where they want their session.  But don’t feel bad if you have no idea where you want your session.  By selecting your outfits, you are telling the world your story, and showing off your fashion sense.  It is key that what you wear compliments the environment of your session.  For example, high heeled shoes may not be the best choice for a river location, you may have trouble walking and posing.


2.  When you envision your portraits, what do you see?

This is one of the first questions I ask my clients.  When you think of your session, what is it that you see?  Are you downtown?  Or are you standing in a field of flowers?  Maybe you see graffiti?  Or maybe you have been saving ideas from Pinterest.  If so, what catches your eye, what are you drawn to?  One of the best things about this process is that it is customizable, I tailor this just for you.


3.  Know what you DON’T want…

This may sound weird, but it’s so true.  It’s almost as important as knowing what you want.  If you know there are certain locations that don’t interest you, then you shouldn’t photograph there.  And PLEASE be honest with me, you aren’t going to hurt my feelings.  The location that you select should best reflect you.  You may not understand how this can happen, but it does.  It mainly occurs when moms of clients tend to select locations that the Senior does not want.  For example, Senior guy states he wants urban, but mom is insistent on Botanical Garden.  This is a total contradiction, and the Senior guy is miserable because this is not his vision.  What happens?  A gallery full of portraits of a miserable looking guy. 

4.  What kind of locations are there?

There are a variety of locations to choose from.  Each location offers something different.  To make this a little easier, I’ve included the locations types below with a description to help you pick.


More than likely, it’ll be downtown.  There will be buildings, busyness of the streets, bustling sidewalks, alleys, and tops of parking garages.  I always suggest bold colors due to the brown and gray tones downtown.

Yazi 2nd session25.jpg
Barber Sr Session23.jpg


This tends to be a simple location that can allow for a timeless and nondescript feel.  It can involve wide open spaces, trees, and maybe even a barn if available. 

Carlee 2 (24).JPG
Taylor (54).jpg


For nature locations, I normally suggest several different parks (Cibolo Nature Park, Brackenridge Park).  Nature sessions are going to involve lots of trees and grass.  And depending on the park, maybe even a river. So, bug repellant is a must!! 



Rustic settings are going to provide an old small-town feel.  You’ll find weathered buildings, old store fronts and old cars/trucks.  It’s almost as if you have stepped back in time.

2nd Session (54).jpg


This would be a little bit of everything, new and older buildings, trees and flowers, open spaces, and a little bit of everything in between.  A great example of this would be the Pearl Brewery.  

Anjelica 2nd session11.jpg

If you are wanting to see some locations of previous portrait sessions, check out my work here.