VW Bus Shoot

I am always pushing myself to do shoots for myself.  It allows for me to be able as creative as I want to be.  I love working with clients, but the goal is to make their visions come true.  Whenever I get to plan my own shoots, I get to plan everything-from the location, to the props, to the outfits.  It can be challenging, but I love the challenge!


One of my former classmates told me last year that she was in the process of remodeling her 1964 Volkswagon bus.  She said that once it was done, that I was welcome to use it for a shoot.  I immediately got excited, and started planning. 


For this shoot, I knew that I wanted to do different looks.  I wanted the girls to vary from retro to edgy.  I selected six girls for this shoot, five high school seniors and one freshman.  To be honest, I shopped for this session first, and then found the models.  I purchased the outfits from various stores-Forever21, eBay and Poshmark. I considered the color of the bus, which was blue, and bought clothing with complimentary colors.  Once I got the outfits, I did a model call with my Spokesmodel team.  I selected girls that best fit the outfits and whose skin tones complimented the clothing.


The girls did beyond amazing for this shoot.  I had them do their own hair and makeup, and they rocked it!  My goal was to only photograph them for no more than three hours, and we were done in under three hours. The weather was great on the day of the shoot, despite a quick 15-minute rain shower.


I could not have asked for a better shoot.  Everything went perfectly, and I am so happy with the results.  The girls and their parents absolutely love their portraits. 

Danyelle Johnson