My Tribe

After retiring from the military, the one thing that I feared was being lonely. Especially, when I decided that I didn’t want to enter the workforce. Let’s be honest, working for yourself can be a little lonesome at times.  I wanted to find a community of people where I felt like I belonged.


I ended up befriending some other local High School Senior photographers. In total, there started out with 14 of us in the group. We made a group on Facebook, where we could be in communication with each other. With this group of people, I felt like I belonged.  We would ask for advice, offer constructive criticism, give words of encouragement, or just vent to one another.  We also would schedule to meet for breakfast or lunch (our fav place to meet is Cuppencake) at least every four months or so.


 The thing that I love most about this group is that there is no competition.  Each and every one of us has embraced the saying “Community over Competition”.  There is an understanding that there are more than enough HS Seniors in our area.  There is absolutely no reason for any of us to fight over clientele.  There is no disrespect or speaking ill of each other, because there is a mutual admiration.


It is a hard thing to not to compare yourself to others.  I mean, we are all human, so it’s bound to happen.  But, when you find your tribe of people, it’s less likely to happen.  I love the fact that “my tribe” is like me, and I can honestly say that I trust the people in my tribe. I love the fact that we cheer each other on, that we are happy for each other’s accomplishments.  I love that our clients find it fascinating that we know one another, and speak highly of one another.  I love that other photographers in other cities are jealous of our group.  I love my tribe of fellow HS Senior photographers.  

Danyelle Johnson