Getting Published

I think that every photographer has the dream of being published in a magazine.  I have been blessed to have been published in three magazines.  The process can be a little overwhelming.  But it’s worth all the hard work once you are notified that your work is getting published.


Getting published is more for bragging rights. The organizations that I submit to issue buttons that can be posted our websites. But, I have found that clients could really care less. Unless, the client is the one being published. I have made it a point to make it a personal challenge, and push myself.


I had been trying since 2015 to get published in a magazine.  That is when I began following different high school Senior photography organizations.  I have had several images featured on their social media platforms. For the first couple of years, I was not selected for any of the magazines that I submitted my images to.


Finally, in December of 2016, I found out that one of my portraits had been selected by Modern Teen Style. And not only was my image selected, but I had been named one of the “25 Most Influential Teen Photographers” nationally. Announcement can be found here.


The following year, I submitted to The Twelfth Year for the “Top 25 Up & Coming Senior Photographers”. I was notified that my image had been selected to be in that edition, and that I was also an honorable mention.


This year, I decided to enter one of my images the Modern Teen Style’s “100+ Inspirational Teen Images”. Within 15 minutes of my submission, I received an email stating that my image had been selected!


I am currently waiting to hear back on two submissions that I did last month. Fingers crossed that I’ll get published, wish me luck! And for any photographers that are still trying to get published, don’t give up. Keep submitting!!

Danyelle Johnson